Marathons are a global phenomenon and it is not possible for one individual, located in one part of the world to be covering each of them, even in a distant manner. Which is why I would like all of my readers to stay in touch with me and constantly let me know about the events in your region.

The inputs by readers and visitors to this site would not only let me know what you would like to see and what would make the site better but it would also broaden my own knowledge and increase the value of the sight both for you and me.

So, let your views flow in freely and let’s begin a conversation about the sport of distance racing and, especially marathon. If we are to form a community of marathon lovers, its imperative that we share our views and make this site a hub which will draw an even greater number of visitors.

Since I am committed to the cause of environmental protection also, I would like you all to let me know which are the marathons that are raising these issues. I would give them preferential treatment and take the message from those marathons to the entire viewership of my website.

The problem is that almost every country and every region in the world has its own marathon now and so it is just not feasible to cover all of them. 

However, if I get a big response about a particular marathon from the readers, I will make it a point to cover it.

So, do let me know which one you want to see covered and I would collect as much information as possible and then broadcast it to the whole world.

So, do support my cause and write to me through the contact details provided on the website. My passion and your response are the bloodlines of this website.