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About Me

I am a long-distance racing fanatic who follows the sport with as much passion as some others follow more popular sports like soccer and F1.

I am also someone who is socially aware and want to use this platform to raise awareness about social issues. Among them the one that keeps me most concerned is global warming and related environmental issues.

The Barns Green Half-Marathon. This marathon is special due to being run on some of the most serene and tranquil country roads to be found in the entire UK.

As the name itself suggests, this half-marathon celebrates the greenery of the area and makes people aware of the need to preserve it and treasure it. It is a great way to bring physical activity into the minds of the people along with creating awareness about environmental issues.

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Barns Green Half-Marathon

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Top Marathon Runners

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Impace Of Climate Change

Last year, a major controversy erupted before the annual New Delhi Half-Marathon that takes place in the Indian capital. Doubts were raised by environmentalists and health professionals about the appropriateness of running the half-marathon in the city at a time when pollution had reached dangerous levels and a smog had been overhanging the city.

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The problem is that almost every country and every region in the world has its own marathon now and so it is just not feasible to cover all of them. 

Since I am committed to the cause of environmental protection also, I would like you all to let me know which are the marathons that are raising these issues. I would give them preferential treatment and take the message from those marathons to the entire viewership of my website.

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Marathon Events

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Hall of fame 2022

Streaming Services of the Year - 2022 Edition

We are going to update the top streaming services below!

Mom Lover - The Network

Mom Lover – probably the premiere of the year when it coms to the finest mom content on the Web. 8 unique subseries created by crew of Nubiles. This time it’s all about MILFs and their adventures in today’s society.